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All Training DVD's come complete with a question/
answer book designed to give you the most from your training.
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DVD Training
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-Digital Electronics Series-
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Basic Electronics Training Series
Direct Current
  The Basic Electronic training series consists of six (6)
  computer animated DVD's.  Each DVD may be purchased
  individually, or  you may purchase them as a set.  The
  choice is yours.  The more you purchase, the more you 
  Save!  Each DVD title comes with its own question-answer
  workbook to assist you in gaining the most from this
  valuable training. 

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All Lesson's are availabe on DVD.

DVD or CD 201 Direct Current: $39.95 Your price $34.00 Direct Current DVD 201 is a powerful computer animated textbook loaded with Valuable information on Direct Current circuits. 185 computer animations. 332 pages of information. You will learn about Series circuits, Parallel circuits, Ohm's Law how to calculate power, how to use the Digital Multimeter and much more. If you are just beginning your journey into electronics or if you just need a refresher course, you need this training DCD. Each lesson takes an average of 30-35 minutes to complete. (1) Getting Started (4) Combination circuits (2) Series circuits (5) Conclusion (3) Parallel circuits DVD or CD 202 Alternating Current: $39.95 Your price $34.00 Alternating Current DVD 202 is a computer animated textbook based on Alternating Current Theory and operation. 272 computer animations... 473 pages of information. You will learn about coils, transformers, capacitors, solenoids, motors, 3-phase elecricity and much more. Each lesson takes an average of 30-35 minutes to complete. Learning AC fundamentals has never been easier. (1) Magnetism (5) Inductors Part 1 (2) Sine Wave Voltages (6) Inductors Part 2 (3) Capacitor Part 1 (7) RLC Circuits (4) Capacitor Part 2 DVD or CD 203 Semiconductors: $39.95 Your price $34.00 Semiconductors Current DVD 203 contains 5 lessons with a total of 213 animations and 340 pages of information (1) The Atom (2) Diodes (3) Bipolar Junction Transistors (4) Field Effect Transistors (5) Specialty Devices DVD od CD 204 Power Supplies: $39.95 Your price $34.00 Power Supplies Current DVD 204 Contains 5 lessons 350 pages of information with 191 animations being illustrated. If you are interested in learning more about power supply systems. (1) Rectifing (2) Filtering (3) Regulators Part 1 (4) Regulators Part 2 (5) UPS System DVD 205 Part 5 "Amplifiers" $39.95 Your price $34.00 Amplifiers By the time you finish this exciting DVD you will know how class A, B, ABI, AB2, C and op-amp circuits actually work. Amplifiers are used extensively in electronic circuits. Therefore, knowing how these circuits function is crucial for any electronic technician. This training DVD is a Must! 57 Min.
DVD 206 Part 6 "Oscillators" $39.95 Your price $34.00 Oscillators Oscillator circuits of one form or another are used in virtually every electronic circuit. These special circuits are the Iheart beat" of many electronic devices. Learning this vital information is essential for every technician. 53 Min.
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Digital Electronics Training Series

Digital The Digital Electronic training series consists of six (6) computer animated DVD's. These DVD's may be purchased individually or purchased as a set. The choice is yours. The more you purchase, the more you Save! Each DVD title includes its own question-answer workbook to assist you in gaining the most from this valuable training.
DVD 301 Digital I "Gates" $39.95 Your price $34.00 Gates All digital circuits are based on basic gate operations. Digital I covers these gates in detail. You will examine the AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, XOR and XNOR gates. Within a few short hours you will find yourself drawing basic gate circuits and determining the outputs when particular inputs are applied. Digital 1 is a foundation from which to build upon. 56 Min.

DVD 302 Digital 2 "Flip-Flops" $39.95 Your price $34.00 Flip-Flops D Flip-Flop equivalent circuit. All digital circuits use flip-flops in one form or another. These easily understood digital devices are used for data storage, in registers, counters and numerous other applications. By the time you are finished with this DVD you will not only know how flip-flops function, but you will also know how to convert data from one form to another. 55 Min.
DVD 303 Digital 3 "Multiplexers" $39.95 Your price $34.00 Multiplexers After completing Digital 3 you will understand how shift registers, multiplexers, demultiplexers, display devices, display driver devices and other digital circuits function. Also covered are complement I and complement 2 numbers. 59 Min.
DVD 304 Digital 4 "Digital Conversion" $39.95 Your price $34.00 Digital Conversion Within hours after starting this DVD you will understand how digital information is converted to analog and analog information is converted into digital. Computers use DAC and ADC circuits to communicate with external components. This DVD is a must for all technicians. 59 Min.
DVD 305 Digital 5 "Memory" $39.95 Your price $34.00 Digital Conversion If you ever want to repair computer systems, then you Must know and understand how memory devices work. Within hours you will know how ROM, PROM, EPROM, EEPROM, RAM, DRAM, SRAM and MBM circuits function. This amazing training DVD makes learning this valuable information fast, fun and easy. 56 Mm.
DVD 306 DigItal 6 "CPU & '10" $39.95 Your price $34.00 Digital Conversion Digital 6 takes the mystery out of CPU operation. You will see how the CPU is able to manipulate data between input devices, output devices and stored memory. This fascinating training DVD will provide a very solid foundation for future computer repair training. 56 Mm.

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UCANDO also offers training DVD's in LASER Technology, Fiber Optics.

DVD 501 Understanding Fiber Optics: $39.95 Your price $34.00

Learn how fiber optic material is made and used. This incredible DVD will make learning fiber optics fast, fun and easy. 58 Min. Includes Question /answer book

DVD 502 LASER Technology: $39.95 Your price $34.00

LASER's are fascinating devices. Now you can learn the theory behind these awesome tools in one short afternoon. All the common LASER devices are covered in this unique training DVD. 57 Min. Includes Question I answer book

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